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Lets look closely: The place I live

what does Istanbul / Rotterdam mean to you?

voices, smells, colors of Istanbul / Rotterdam

design  and re-design your neighborhood


A project developed by Informal Education - çocukistanbul and simultaneously implemented in İstanbul and Rotterdam in partnership with the Wereldmuseum under the scheme "Dutch Children Year 2018 - Genç Kültür / Culture Kids"

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The aim of the project  “Let’s Look Closely - The Place I Live” is to understand how the children perceive their neighborhood and their city, while they get to learn and understand the culture of the city to enable them voice out what they like and dislike, what they want and wish and how they would “transfer” these to the benefit of children, nature and the people living in it.


The target age group is 8-11 years old children.


The Project “Let’s Look Closely - The Place I Live”  has been realised as part of the Dutch Children Year 2018 / Genç Kultur-Culture Kids  program jointly by Informal Education-cocukistanbul (cocukistanbul) and the Wereldm useum – Rotterdam (Wereldmuseum) as a “simultaneously” run project in İstanbul and Rotterdam with a number of same age children.  


"It may be stated that children living in both cities do percieve and reflect their environment, surroundings and feelings very clearly and realistically."




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